And the winner is…

We just posted the results of SPARK Game Jam 2016 on the winners page and I just wanted to send out a few thank you’s:

  • To all the teachers that participated – Thank you for making a difference for your students
  • To the parents that watched the event from home – Thank you for supporting your children
  • To the staff at ASU – Thank you for being amazing partners and helping make this a reality
  • To our friends at Google – Thank you for investing in the future of the world and for inspiring kids to dream big
  • To the team at Gilbert Digital – You guys rock! You make SPARK what it is.
  • To everyone from Gilbert – Thank you for supporting Gilbert students and the future of Gilbert
  • To all the students that participated – You are all amazing, you are inspiring, and you are all going to make the future *awesome*.

Thank you everyone that made this year’s SPARK event absolutely amazing.

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